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This page lists all easter eggs in Discord.

Copy Easter Egg


Copy Easter Egg is an easter egg that is found on Discord.

To find the easter egg, a user must click their username. Every time they click, a message will appear. Their username and tag will be copied. The messages shown are:

  • Copied!
  • Double Copy!
  • Triple Copy!
  • Dominating!!
  • Rampage!!
  • Mega Copy!!
  • Unstoppable!!
  • Wicked Sick!!
  • Monster Copy!!
  • GODLIKE!!!

(Note: Godlike and Beyond Godlike are in a red speech bubble and is shaking.)


Discordo is an easter egg that plays a voice that says "Discordo" each time the app is open. To activate it, click the Discord button in the top left 15 times until the voice plays. To deactivate the easter egg, click the button in the top left 15 times until the voice channel disconnect sound plays.

User Leave (Voice Channel)

If you click the home button 15 times you are greeted with Discordo, however, if you click the home button 15 more times it plays the User Leave sound effect which is used when a user leaves a call/voice channel in Discord.

AMOLED Optimized Mode

Main article: Amoled Dark Theme

The AMOLED optimized mode is a hidden theme for the Android app version of Discord. To activate it, tap on the "Dark" option in the Appearance section of User Settings 10 times and then activate the toggle that appears.

Flashlight (mobile only)

Similarly to AMOLED Optimized mode, clicking Light theme 6 times will make your screen go completely blank and will trigger your flashlight, with a message appearing saying "When Light theme isn't enough!"

Empathy Banana

Empathy Banana.png

When your search leads to no results, Discord will sometimes display an "empathy banana" instead of the usual no results dialogue.

Rate Limits Documentation Page

On the Discord API Rate Limits documentation page there is a colon that when clicked opens this website.

The website is a fun animation created by Dougley. This easter egg was implemented by Night, a Discord staff member.

Computer Man

Visiting printer.discord.com will redirect you to a video clip from an old Canadian show called Vid Kids. b1nzy, a Discord Developer was the one to implement this easter-egg.



When you try to access a page that doesn't exist such as this one, you are redirected to a 404 error page.

The red shows where you need to press to start SNEK.

Clicking the button on the console next to Nelly the Robo-Hamster or typing [Left Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, B, A,] starts a game like the classic Snake Game. Discord developer tcoil made this game.

Note arrows

When you press Control + / to open the shortcut cheatsheet, you can press any arrow button to hear the sound of a note.

Raging Demon

Raging Demon.gif

Press Control + / to open up a shortcut menu. Then type in this specific combination of letters:

H, H, <right arrow key>, N, K

This causes an animation to play which is based on Akuma's "Raging Demon" attack from the Street Fighter series, shown on the right.

This is now shown as a shortcut in the cheatsheet.

? Box

The image of the box, that could be found in the 2017-2019 Discord website.

? Box was an easter egg on Discord. On the old front page layout, clicking on the ? Box from Mario games would result of Mario items coming out of the box.

This easter egg is no longer available, due to Discord's front page having a new layout.

The easter egg still may be found by using a website archiving website, if discordapp.com is archived, such as web.archive.org or archive.is.

Dubstep Call Tone

Dubstep Call is a very rare occurence that is client-exclusive. Early July of 2020 came with an update to the site that removed many easter eggs including this one. It is a variation on the normal one, but it is very rare to get. It has a 0.1% chance, or 1/1000 of happening in calls when the client is opened. It sounds like this:

Server Boosting Wumpus

Server Boosting Wumpus appears when you rub the Server Boosting crystal next to the message which announces a boost with your cursor. Confetti will pop out of it, and if you rub it for long enough, Wumpus will appear throwing confetti.


Going to dis.gd/threads used to redirect you to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. From the thread addition only displays 'Not Found'. That probably was used to trick people into confusion with a Discord developer accidentaly leaking threads.