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Know What I Meme is a party game activity that could be played while members are in a voice channel. Up to 9 participants and a minimum of 3 participants can join this activity at once. There is no age requirement for the game.

After the full release of Activities, this activity was on a slow rollout, and it was not as widely available as most activities are, since only some users had access to it while most others don't. However, on 18 January 2023, the game was rolled out to everyone, and is now available for free forever along with all other activities.


It is an interactive party game that utilizes GIFs, memes, and humor. Players select a text setup for a meme, browse to find an appropriate GIF response, and then participate in a vote to determine the most popular choice. Points are earned based on the success of one's selections.

The game also features built-in GIF integration that allows players to search for GIFs within the game. Though, certain content filters may be applied to the search results, which may result in some GIFs not appearing.


In order to participate in a game of Know What I Meme, the following steps should be taken:

  • Join a designated voice channel
  • Look for the Activity Launcher (which appears as a rocket ship) in the voice channel controls
  • Click on the Activity Launcher to open the Activity Shelf
  • Select "Know What I Meme" from the available options
  • Allow Know What I Meme to access your account in order to begin playing with other members of the server.