NSFW Channels are a special type of channels in Discord.


Unlike normal channels, NSFW channels prevent underage users from looking into adult content with a special popup. NSFW stands for "not safe for wumpus".

New Popup

As of June 21, 2020, an additional popup has been added, asking for user's birthday, which appears if user hasn't verified their age yet.

If user enters a date stating that they are at the legal age of consent, they will get access to the channel.

If a user inputs a date that claims that they are at the digital age of consent, but under the legal age of consent, they will not be able to view any NSFW channel, but will continue to be able to use the rest of Discord normally.


If user enters the wrong date (which states that the user is underage), a warning will appear, warning the user with their age. If they do this, the only option will be 'Go back'.


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