NSFW Channels are a special type of channels in Discord.


Unlike normal channels, NSFW channels prevent underage users from looking into adult content with a special popup.

New Popup

As of 06/21/2020, an additional popup has been added, asking for user's birthday, which appears if user hasn't verified their age yet.

If user enters the correct date, they will get access to the channel.


If user enters the wrong date (which states that the user is underage), a warning will appear, warning the user with their age.

If user clicks back, they will get saved, but if user clicks "Confirm age", a popup will appear, telling the user that they are too young to use Discord, along with a link to their help article. At this point, the user will have their account locked, an email sent to their email address about being underage, and no more access to Discord. Their only option at this point is to or either verify their age, or to login out of the account.


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