Discord Wiki


The user status in Discord consists of seven settings to serve as quickly changeable notification settings. It was inspired by the status option in many other chat and VoIP programs. The status can be changed by clicking on your profile picture in the left drawer in the desktop or mobile app.


Online mode is the default status. You receive notifications, can use Discord and show up in the member list normally. You also will have a green circle on your profile picture.


The Idle status performs the same way as the Online status. Notifications come up normally, and you can use Discord normally.

The Idle status is also set automatically if there was no mouse movement or typing for a set amount of time while set as online. When there's mouse movement within the window again, you get put back into online status unless Idle status was set manually. Idle displays as a yellow moon-shaped indicator on your profile.

This status was previously known as Away and its indicator was a yellow clock.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (also known as DND) disables all desktop and push notifications, even from mentions. Do Not Disturb displays as a red status indicator on your profile.

Streaming.png Streaming

The Streaming status can only be set when streaming on an account integrated with your Discord account. It performs the same way as Do Not Disturb and displays as a purple status indicator on your profile.


Invisible lets you use Discord normally while appearing offline, however the typing indicator will still be displayed when typing. Invisible and offline statuses display as a gray status indicator on your profile.


This status is applied to your account as soon as every connected client loses connection.


A green phone icon is applied when an user is connected via the mobile app. It can’t be applied manually.


The custom status lets you add your own message you want to be displayed on your profile.

You can also add one emoji before the text. You can also add custom emojis if you have Nitro. There is a 128 character limit. There is also an option to make the message expire after a certain time of period set.