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Verified bot profile

The profile of a verified bot.

A verified bot is a bot that has been verified by Discord and has additional API permissions. Verification of bots is a secure system which allows Discord to add new features for developers, while making sure that all bots which use it are safe. It protects user privacy and security, as well as having the potential for built-in bot listing and more advanced bot features. Verified bots will have a check mark in their bot tag.

Verification Process[]

Verification is a requirement for bots which are in 100 or more servers. If a bot is already in more than 100 servers, it will not be able to join any more until it is verified. In the bot's settings page, located in the Developer Portal, a banner with instructions to verify will be shown.

Privileged Gateway Intents[]

These allow a bot to collect more information about users, like what members are in a server and what their rich presence is. See the help page for more information.