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Wumpus is Discord's mascot who appears in branding, easter eggs, stickers, and images throughout the client and website. Wumpus is used to wave to new users who join a server or start a Direct Message.

Wumpus None Blocked

Wumpus, viewable in the "Blocked" tab of Direct Messages when no one is blocked.

Wumpus When no one is active

Wumpus, viewable when no one is active.

It is believed that the character's origin is from the 1973 video game Hunt the Wumpus. There are visual similarities between the mascot and the graphical variation of the game made for the TI-99/4A home computer.

Wumpus TGS 2022

Wumpus first appearance at TGS 2022


At the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2022 held between September 15th and September 18th 2022 Wumpus made a Live-Appearance. According to the Discord email sent to Hypesquad members (probably only for those residing in Tokyo): In a first, Wumpus will be making a live appearance for the first time. Like, actually Wumpus — not a statue like before. [1] Sadly it wasn't a real animal but just a costume.


Wumpus plush
Server-Wall TGS 2022

During the TGS 2022 Discord began selling merchandise in cooperation with Dotexe. To the shop. The shop also offers a Wumpus plushie for 50$ but at TGS 2022 the Discord staff gave away many of them. Sometimes when Wumpus made their appearance, they gave away 2 Wumpus plushies to random people in front of them. The other chance to win the Wumpus stuffed toy together with Nellys stuffed toy was writing a short description of his own Discord Server on a paper-board and providing an invite link to the server. The Discord team hanged out the papers on the "Server wall" and printed QR-codes for the servers in order to join easily.


  • Wumpus uses they/them pronouns.[2]
  • According to the Discord splash texts, it states that, "Our mascot, Wumpus, was originally created as a character with no friends :("


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